Tabletop Coffee Siphon


Tabletop Coffee Siphon


The Yama 5 Cup Tabletop Coffee Siphon (Also known as a coffee syphon or vacuum coffee pot) includes butane burner used to boil the water and activate the brewing process. The Yama 5 Cup Siphon is great for after dinner coffee brewed right at the table and is ideal for restaurant use as well. “Cup” refers to Yama’s idea of what a cup should be–it equals about 3-4 ounces for each cup.

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Product Description

Directions for use:

  1. Use a slightly finer grind of coffee, somewhere around “auto drip” however you may experiment to taste.
  2. Drop the washable, reusable cloth covered filter into the infussion chamber with the chain hanging down into the glass siphon tube. Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube.
  3. Fill the bottom carafe to the 5 mark with hot water and place 5 measuring spoons of coffee in top chamber.
  4. Fill the burner with alcohol, light the burner and place directly beneath the bottom water carafe. The water takes about 4 minutes or longer to heat. Using hot water will speed up the process.
  5. Once the water reaches boiling temperatures the majority of the water is siphoned through the glass tube, past the filter and into the top chamber holding the ground coffee. Keeping the burner lit and under water carafe allow about 2 minutes to brew.
  6. After your 2 minutes is up remove and cap the alcohol burner (heat source).
  7. Once the coffee starts to cool the liquid is siphoned back down into the bottom carafe. Remove the top, placing it in its convertible lid/stand, and bring the pot to the table for serving.
  8. Gently rock the upper carafe back and forth until it can easily be removed and placed into its stand.

Serve and enjoy your fresh great tasting coffee.