Michael Knight, Owner & President

Michael Knight CPCMike’s passion for producing and distributing extraordinary coffee is matched by his love of great-tasting coffee. This southern California surfer-turned entrepreneur launched an office coffee service more than 20 years ago. In 2006 he purchased a micro-roasting coffee company to create Coastal Peaks Roasters. In 2012 he opened a café in the front room of the roasting facility and renamed the business Coastal Peaks Coffee.  Mike and his wife Joan enjoy an active lifestyle and they love to travel to exotic coffee growing regions and tropical vacation spots.

Philip Grant, Master Roaster

Phil Grant CPC Roaster

A third-generation Californian, Phil got his start in the coffee business in Portland, Oregon during the coffee boom of the 1990’s. While delivering specialty coffees to small coffee houses, Phil discovered what he now calls “the power of the bean.” Suddenly, just delivering coffee wasn’t enough. He had to learn everything about it. Working his way through the coffee industry in the Pacific Northwest, Phil learned about the different varieties, from conventional to organic and Fair Trade. He studied the different roasting methods and came to the conclusion that micro-roasting in small batches produced superior coffee.
When Phil returned to his hometown of San Luis Obispo, he looked for a coffee company to put into practice what he’d learned in Oregon. Today he uses an IR 24-kilo Diedrich Roaster at Coastal Peaks Coffee Roasting Facility. The roaster produces just over 35 pounds of coffee at a time and three roasts per hour. Phil creates his coffee much the same way a master wine maker creates fine wine. When you drink a cup of micro-roasted, fresh-brewed coffee or espresso you’ll experience the passion of someone who understands coffee on a deep, almost spiritual level. Phil recognizes and makes use of the nuances and subtle qualities of the varietals to create blends that are, in a word, extraordinary.

Tina Crother, Service Goddess

tinaWhen you place an order with Coastal Peaks Coffee, Tina will most likely be your contact. This champion multi-tasker puts orders together, packages coffee, and helps make deliveries in our semi-vintage delivery truck. Tina’s background includes the wine industry, catering, and restaurant management. She is extremely knowledgeable about coffee and assists with roasting when needed.